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Date and Time:
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
2:00 pm EST
Location: Live Webcast
Duration: One hour
Cost: Free
E-mail - paul.whalen

Who should attend?
Those involved in all stages of product planning and development, including product scientists and engineers, analysts, technologists, and project managers/directors.


CFD in ANSYS Workbench
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you need to dynamically associate your CAD to CFD? Find out how it's done in ANSYS Workbench at a free webinar on December 11.

ANSYS leads the CAE industry, offering the widest range of advanced simulation technology, including solid mechanics, multi-body dynamics, electromagnetics, fluid dynamics and more. The ANSYS® Workbench™ environment provides a common framework for the integration of the growing suite of ANSYS applications and leverages common services to these applications such as bi-directional CAD interfaces to all the major CAD systems, an easy to use modeling tool to prepare analysis geometry, flexible meshing methods to support a wide range of analysis requirements and a pervasive parameter management system. ANSYS Workbench empowers users, from designers to analysts, to investigate behavior beyond the traditional single-point analysis and investigate the response of a system to parametric changes in geometry and operating conditions, providing broader, more relevant analysis information.

But what does all this mean? The buzzwords and descriptions often fail to convey the impact ANSYS Workbench technology has on the user; seeing is believing. With this in mind, we invite you to witness the impact first hand through an on-line demonstration of a CFD analysis.

Starting from a CAD model of a valve, this live demonstration will walk you through the steps of a CFD analysis from fluid body extraction to post-processing and touch on additional topics such as multi-disciplinary analysis and process compression.

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